Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet!

Hi, I'm Philipp and this is my Website, it's a small project of mine which I handle since the end of 2021. Here I self-host some services, to use for example when I'm in School or on mobile.

My hobbies include playing guitar, (Astro-)photography and tinkering with my tech-setup, for example optimizing my editor. After having completed my high-school equivalent (Abitur), I plan on going to Uni pursuing a CS degree. Having taking advanced Maths, Physics and English courses in school, I've grown a private interest as well; my love for astronomy and rocket science always brings me to learn new things and explore the world around me. Of course I'm not always productive when at the computer, I like spending time on games like Factorio, X4 or Kerbal Space Program.

My other interests include programming in:

I also host this here Website on my own hardware, this made it possible to learn a lot in networking and server administration in a practical way.